Thursday, April 13, 2017

Turtle Time

Yassi Mazandi, based in Los Angeles, is a sculptor, known for her complex ceramic forms, who also works in several other mediums. Yassi came to BoxoHOUSE to create ceramic pieces related to mythical creatures that might have lived in the local Coyote Dry Lake when it was teeming with life. Working with a low fire clay, she fashioned stylized shells of turtles that might have swum the local waters as well as creating evocative nautilus-shaped pieces and a series of patterned watercolors using fabric dye.

On a tour of Andrea Zittel's A-Z compound, Andrea offered the use of her brand new kiln to Yassi and the work was fired there. On Sunday November 13th, 2016, Yassi hosted an artist's tea program organized through the partnership with JT Lab and led an enthusiastic group through drawing their spirit animals. many thanks to Yassi and to the local community that supported her residency in various ways.

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