Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Kentridge Show

And on the subject of must see shows, William Kentridge has a new show at Marian Goodman Gallery. Go, go, go.


In honor of the current collage and assemblage shows at The New Museum and The Gagosian Gallery, here are some of my works in these fields:

Monday, January 14, 2008

Life's A Hidden Beach

I recently spent some time with a group of friends in the Mexican surfer's paradise of Puerto Escondido (the hidden port). Villa on Zicatela beach, bodysurfing, home cooked meals, deep sleep, soaking in the sun (apologies to the medical community), shallowly attractive men and enjoying bowls of fresh fruit served on the beach with a side of hot salsa! How could it go wrong? (Did I mention that Mexicana left my baggage in NYC and took three days to get it to me?)

PE (apologies to the South Africans) is wonderfully laid back. Located far south on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, there is only one flight a day from Mexico City. Last Friday's New York Times Escapes Section article confirmed our find as well as some of the reasons it may remain so.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Journey is Under Way

You may have heard of the Hero Project - a search for inspiration, for myself, and through me for others. Things are really picking up steam.

Today I attended services at The Sacred Center responding to an invitation from Cyrus Copeland (aka Dude). All newcomers were handed a gift - a talk by the talented Minister, Rev. August Gold.

The title of the talk? 'The Hero's Journey'.

The gist of the conversation? 'Every Hero must spend time in the desert in order to shed the old and find the new'. Not interpretation, not fancy, not illusion. Verbatim.

And so it continues....