Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watercoloring the Desert

BoxoHOUSE held an open house on Sunday May 13 2012 to introduce the community at large to Tim Saternow, artist in residence. Known for his large-scale paintings of the disappearing face of industrial New York, Tim had come to Joshua Tree to research new sources of inspiration.

And research he did! Immediately upon arrival, Tim jumped into a meeting with the local Transition movement. He went on to attend several more meetings on various topics from spirituality to town planning, making new friends and learning about the issues this lively community is dealing with.

Tim also set out to research physical environment, on foot and by car. Ranging from local derelict gas stations, to the streets of 29 Palms and beyond to the 'abandoned' town of Amboy out on Route 66. He came back with many images and much energy and set to work making sketches and studies utilizing his well-documented process. I was at times alarmed to see him throwing water at his studies, allowing the image to run and blur. And I appreciated the final results greatly.

Once Tim was comfortable that he had enough material, I put out the word about an open house to have the community come and appreciate the artist and his work. The initial sketches and painted studies inspired by his time here were on display. The final works will be exhibited at BoxoOFFICE in New York City in October 2012.

A wonderful crowd of artists, gallerist/curators and the art-interested braved the heat and Mothers Day demands to meet Tim and view his works in progress. Tim tirelessly took people through his working methodology and made several new friends and admirers in the process.

Many thanks to all who were here and to Tim for bringing his warm enthusiasm and inspired work to BoxoHOUSE.


Mercedes said...

Dear Tim Saternow my name is Mercedes and I have found your art and I loved it. I wonder if you have post lessons or demos step by step about your technique of splashing water, and also follow. Thank you. Respectfully

Tim said...

Yes, I do teach workshops around the country and have scheduled workshops in New York City and Vermont (summer 2016). My watercolor techniques have also been documented by recent articles about me in the magazine The Art of Watercolour Magazine (Naintré, France), Issue 19, June-September, 2015.

Hope this helps, or you can contact me directly through my website: